sh1ller - yangi sahifa(New chapter) ft. surve
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sh1ller - yangi sahifa(New chapter) ft. surve



SH1LLER - is a New York based Independent Rap Artist originating back from a Former Soviet Union Country. The rapper is a polyglot artist, his each project is individually made for a specific audience. SH1LLER raps in English, Russian as well as Turkish/Uzbek languages. His music projects are diverse, and sometimes you can hear a mixture of 3-4 languages in a single track. Sean enjoys working on featured projects with other rappers, therefore, majority of the artist's tracks are featured with other Rap Artists from New York, Florida, California, Michigan etc. The critically acclaimed video, "Dreamers" featuring another New York artist, Swaizzy, has made its way to a few European Music TV Channels such as, "TMB - Türk Müzik Birliği", "EuroAsiaMusic" etc.